Bimodal Autonomous Universal Scaling

Finality is a trustless second layer solution that leverages the computational security of its underlying blockchain ledgers and enables instant trade finality through a single constrained sidechain operating entity.

Decentralized Custody and Security

Users are the custodians of their own funds and can withdraw their cryptocurrency at any time. Watchers constantly monitor the honesty of the Baus, which submits a merkle root of account state changes to the root blockchain.

Fair Distribution and Governance

Finality is a project that aims to have equitable and widespread distribution of the Finality coin (FNY). There will be no ICO, no centralized foundation, no premine and no small inner circle of technologists with over-weighted influence.

Millions of Transactions per Second

The Baus is a sidechain operator that matches trades between users and publishes periodic state changes to the root blockchain. This design reduces the amount of on-chain transactions required to ensure the trustless exchange of cryptocurrency.

A Next-Level Trading Experience

Finality will deliver the trustlessness of a decentralized exchange with the liquidity and transactional throughput of a centralized exchange.